Ricardo Preda, lawyer of Nicolas Leoz, former president of the South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL, speaks with journalists outside Migone Sanatorium hospital building in Asuncion, May 27, 2015. According to a medical report from the Migone Sanatorium hospital, Leoz has been admitted to the hospital with symptoms of hypertension and he is currently in a stable condition. CONMEBOL said there was no place for corruption in soccer and promised to support an anti-graft investigation into FIFA as well as itself. The world's most popular sport was thrown into turmoil after U.S. and Swiss authorities announced separate inquiries into FIFA, the world's governing body, and regional governing bodies. Seven of the world's most powerful figures in global soccer were arrested on Wednesday, including current and former officials from South and Central America. Leoz, a Paraguayan who used to be head of South American soccer body CONMEBOL, was also named in the U.S. indictment. REUTERS/Jorge Adorno
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