Paraguayan Army General Lino Oviedo salutes during the Infantry Day Parade at the First Army Corps Base in Asuncion in this April 23, 1996 file photo. Oviedo, who led a 1989 coup against dictator Alfredo Stroessner and was accused of other attempted coups later in his career, died late February 3, 2013, when the helicopter that transported him on his campaign for president in the upcoming April elections, crashed on a ranch in northern Paraguay, according to government sources. REUTERS/Zoraida Diaz/Files (PARAGUAY - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY OBITUARY PROFILE)
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El hoy diputado colorado e hijo del líder de UNACE, dijo que no existen disputas entorno a las propiedades del general y negó cualquier tipo de enfrentamiento con el senador Jorge Oviedo Matto. "Fue compañero en momentos muy difíciles" expresó.